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Why many big companies still don’t optimize their websites

Why many big companies still don’t optimize their websites???

This happens because most of those sites are either not at all optimized or are not properly optimized for search engines. And one of the biggest reasons for a poorly optimized site is that many big companies believe that their brand names are strong enough for online and search engines.

Although their brand names are strong for online and search engines (in other words, they still rank top 10 for their brand names and some top keywords in search engines), they don’t realize the real power of the long tail keywords and the higher ROI for those long tail search terms than just top (general) keywords. For example, this group of long tail keyword phrases is more specific and focused which mean more convert to sales. And this set of long-tail keywords could generate as much (or more) traffic and revenue for a business than just the top or general keyword phrases if marketers understand how customers convert on the website. Any successful SEO strategy must focus on more than just the top ten keyword phrases.

The following are three top reasons for why a site is either poorly optimized or not at all optimized for search engines.

Cause the webmaster says he knows SEO

One of the biggest reasons for a poorly optimized site is that someone in-house is functioning as the company’s online marketing expert. I have visited companies that are such well recognized organizations by people and their technology team that handles hardware, operations support, and software support also functions as their website development, graphics design, and online marketing team. Or the administrative assistant is the web master too. You can just imagine the success of their online marketing or SEO campaign. Many webmasters believe and claim that they know how to do search engine optimization. Most times they don’t. In the past, Search Engine Optimization used to be easy. Webmasters would stuff keywords in metatags and submit the site repeatedly to search engines and called this search engine optimization. repeated basis could get your site banned from search engine listings.

Search Engine algorithms are more complex nowadays. A webmaster is most cases is not qualified to do SEO as he or she is generally not experienced nor abreast of all the latest trends in search engine marketing (SEM).

A webmaster generally also has another job within the company. That means that he is she is not able to devote time to create or maintain a robust search engine optimization campaign.
The end result is a poorly optimized website that leaves everyone within the company with the perception that SEO just doesn’t work for them.

Cause SEO is too expensive

Search Engine Optimization costs vary tremendously based on the expertise, experience, and exact offering. There are many who offer low cost SEO on a $100 per month basis and there are others who will charge $20K per month to run a campaign. So how would you determine what it would make sense to spend for your SEO campaign?

That determination is made based on understanding the offering, the expertise, and the experience levels of the SEO providers. Most of the time, your website can be optimized for around $10K. It is the most cost effective marketing activity when compared to direct mail, banner ads, booths at trade booths, and advertisements in local or national magazines, radio, or television.

Cause SEO ROI is difficult to calculate

Regardless of popular belief it is possible to calculate ROI for your SEO campaign.
To calculate ROI, all you need to know is:
1. How many people are searching for your products or services
2. The number of increased visitors and the conversion rate for those visitors for the terms
that your website was optimized for
3. The average cost of each of your products or services

Once you know this, you can easily determine the ROI of what you spent.

I always say to my clients and prospects, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in general is not rocket science. BUT, neither is it something that everyone can do without having the proper knowledge and the time to focus on it.

If you don’t have the ‘marketing wavelength’, the skills, the background, and the time to spend on it, search engine marketing can seem like a worthless exercise. Search Engine Marketing (which includes SEO) is not a one-time activity nor can it be done when you find the time. Like any other marketing program, it must be focused and conducted on an ongoing basis to get the most benefit, long-term.

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Posted by Justin Jung

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