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Why Long Tail Keyword Phrases Are Important

Most Internet marketers know the top 5–10 keyword phrases that account for the significant traffic reaching their site. They often are unaware, however, of the keyword phrases that comprise the “long tail” of their search traffic. This group of long tail keyword phrases is more specific and focused and is queried far less than the top 10 keyword phrases. This secondary keyword phrase set could generate as much (or more) revenue for a business than the top keyword phrases if marketers understand how customers convert on the website. Any successful SEO strategy must focus on more than just the top ten keyword phrases.

For an example, people searching for could type the word ‘plasma TV’ if they wanted a plasma television. But putting in a phrase like the ’42 Sony plasma TV 1080p’ would bring in only those who want to check out particular brand and the type of plasmas in this brand also the size is allocated. The searcher will find target results within no time and your website would have a potential buyer.

Written by Justin Jung, SEM SEO Expert

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