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Web Analytics Tools and Reports

If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it!

You can measure and analyze the results of your website using either Google Analytics (free), or your own web analytics tools that are already in place. With these web analytics tools, we will help you identify all your traffic and conversion sources. This enables you to determine critical success metrics for your online campaigns as well as every keyword on every engine you target through natural SEO, PPC Advertising, email, Banner, Referring Sites, Feed Management, etc.

Our Web Analytics report provides a snapshot of the reporting week, the change over the previous week and year to date. It is presented with clear headings and includes graphs that illustrate trends in the Number of Visits and Page Views, Bounce Rates, New Visitors, Re-Visitors, Traffic of Direct Visits, Referring Sites and Search Engines, Keyword Performance, Conversions, etc.

Report Sample Below

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Installation

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