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Social Media Optimization (SMO)

What is Social Networking / Social Media?

Online social networks focus on the building and verifying of social networks for communities of people who share interests and activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others.

A social networking site would provide a collection of various ways for users to interact, such as chat, messaging, email, video, voice chat, file sharing, blogging, discussion groups, and so on.

Social Media Optimization | SMO

What is Social Media Optimization – SMO?

Social media optimization (SMO) is a set of methods for generating publicity through social media, online communities and community websites. Methods of SMO include adding RSS feeds, adding a “Digg This” button, blogging and incorporating third party community functionalities like Flickr photo slides and galleries or YouTube videos. Social media is a form of search engine marketing.

Social media optimization is in many ways connected as a technique to viral marketing where word of mouth is created not through friends or family but through the use of networking in social book marking, video and photo sharing websites.

Why is SMO important?

Properly harnessing the popularity of social networks can drive huge amounts of people to a website and can also determine whether a startup, website or idea will make it or not.

The rapid popularity of social networking has proven to be effective in driving traffic to a website through new channels. In the ever changing world of online marketing, search engines aren’t the only sites that drive big traffic anymore.

Social networking is a way to communicate with the public. It puts you in direct contact with your potential end users and people who are interested in your business. This new form of direct marketing has proven to be very effective and has changed the way marketers traditionally think.

Below is a list of some of the most popular social networking sites online;

Our Social Media Expertise services – What does our Social Media Expert do?

In order to help optimize your website for Social media we would do the following;

1) Develop a Social Media strategy – Once we have defined your objectives we can identify what is the best way to make social networking work for you. Depending on your goals (reputation, sales, influence, credibility, charity, branding, traffic/page views, etc.) social media can be used in a variety of ways.

2) Optimize Presence – We will help optimize your presence on social networks making it easier for users to find you. This would include appearing on the first page of search results and optimizing your news feeds to reach a mass audience.

3) Tweak web content – Tweaking your content in order to make it more attractive, visible and linkable among social networks

4) Make book marking easy – Adding book mark buttons to popular social book marking sites like Digg, del.icio.us and Facebook on your website in order for people to vote or submit your content to social media outlets

5) Help your Content Travel – Submitting portable content such as video files, audio files and PDF files to various social media networks

6) Syndicate your Content – We will help optimize your content for sharing among other websites via RSS feeds, embedded videos and other content sharing methods.

7) Social Media Participation – By conversing with the community you create awareness and prolonging your buzz which often results in a snowball effect. We will interact with your community keeping your audience interested.

8) Staying Up to Date – Social Media is changing and morphing by the minute. We will keep up on new tools, concepts, products and challenges in your social sphere.

9) Using Social Media to benefit SEO – We will incorporate social media practice to help benefit your websites natural search engine rank.

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