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What Is Search Engine Marketing – Organic SEO &Ā  PPC Advertising?

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a set of marketing methods to increase the visibility of a website in search engine such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and etc. The three main methods of SEM are:

SEO | Search Engine Optimization attempts to improve rankings for relevant keywords in search results by improving a website’s structure and content.

PPC | Pay per Click Advertising uses sponsored search engine listings to drive traffic to a website. The advertiser bids for search terms and the search engine ranks ads based on competitive auction as well as other factors.

Paid Inclusion can provide a guarantee the website is included in the organic or natural listings of search engines except Google via paying but this is different from Pay per Click advertising because the inclusion is guaranteed but not placement.

Organic SEO versus PPC Advertising

When people type in a word or phrase in a search engine such as Google, what they are really doing is asking Google what web pages most relate to what they are looking for. Google and other search engines have special algorithms that comb the Internet looking for the information contained in web sites that seem to have an affinity to the word or phrase being searched for.
Those websites that are deemed to be the most relevant appear first on the list of web sites – these are known as organic results – SEO. Those advertisements that appear under a heading such as sponsored links are known as Paid results – PPC.

The Difference between PPC and SEO

The most obvious difference is the methods of between PPC and SEO.

Pay per Click Advertising | PPC Advertising

Basically, you are paying for the clicks that PPC sends your way. Getting to the top of the paid search results for the most relevant keywords that describe your site, your products or your services requires money as well as hard work. PPC can be characterized as a quick boost of traffic to a particular site. In other words, PPC provides more immediate results by ensuring your web site appears on the first page of results for a unlimited number of keywords as many as you want.

Search Engine Optimization | SEO

On the other hand, the clicks from SEO are free. SEO means you are optimizing the web site to maximize organic (or natural) search engine ranking for a limited number of keywords (often only 10-15 total). Getting to the top of the organic (or natural) search results for your most lucrative search terms requires a lot of time as well as hard work.

Synergy in Search Engine Marketing | Using Both SEO and PPC

The most important thing to remember is that SEO and PPC are complementary strategies. There is no conflict between using the two methods, and both will be more successful – Synergy Effects if used together as opposed to using just one of the other in isolation.

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