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SEM Expertise is offering intensive one on one PPC SEO courses designed to get your Web Marketing in shape at our office (Kennedy Rd & Sheppard Ave, Toronto).  There is a lot of emphasis now placed on the certification but perhaps what is lost in the wash is the lack of that applied online marketing experience. To gain hands-on experience in Search Engine Marketing (PPC and SEO), please contact us today!

Please note that these PPC and SEO courses will be approximately 1 to 2 hours per day for a total of 10 days and can be customized based on your availability, skills, etc.

Are you currently seeking employment? Looking for a new profession? Considering a career change? Then a job in the field of Search Engine Marketing should be at the top of your list.Have you seen the type of salaries that pay per click advertising experts and search engine optimization consultants are currently commanding in Canada? Clearly, the search industry is making some people rich. Here are some typical salaries in:

Entry-level SEO/PPC position: $35-50K
Three to five years experience / online account managers: $50-75K
Five + years / PPC or SEO specialists: $75-90K
Senior management level: $70-120K
SEM Director: $95-150K
VP Level: $100-315K

Most search engine marketing practitioners are self-taught, learning the trade by experimenting with their own sites, researching trends, attending conferences and participating in discussion forums and so employers don’t generally require SEO / PPC certification or a tertiary qualification as a pre-requisite for a position in the industry.

However, candidates who hold a marketing degree or specific industry certification in Search Engine Marketing may well have an edge over their fellow applicants when it comes to interview selection.

As mentioned in relation to search engine salaries, there are literally many more jobs than there are skilled marketers to fill them. This extreme demand means many companies are looking for you if you have Search Engine Marketing expertise (no matter how many years experience you have and what degree you have). In other words, you will find a job easily and at the same time, you will also get a good salary.

Here Justin Jung is to help you to get the expertise of Search Engine Marketing – SEO and PPC advertising within two weeks. Who is Justin Jung, SEO / SEM expert?


Although there are hundreds of SEO / PPC books or the information on the Internet, it would be still difficult to gain deep insight into Search Engine Marketing expertise. Therefore, Justin will give you one on one tutoring for 10 days what Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is, how implement it efficiently and effectively and more.

As a result, you will be a Search Engine Marketing expert through the one on one tutoring and you will be able to apply for a job as a Search Engine Marketing specialist and deal with any interviews for the position with any companies that are looking for PPC or SEO experts. Finally, you will get a job as a new career of Search Engine Marketing. In addition, you will also get a certificate from SEM Expertise after completing the following courses.

Pay per Click Advertising | PPC Course

  • Introduction of Pay per Click Advertising
  • Introduction of Google Adwords and Yahoo Overture
  • How to Structure PPC Campaigns
  • PPC Keyword Research
  • Building Effective PPC Ads
  • Increasing Quality Score
  • Effective Land Pages
  • Tracking PPC Conversions
  • How to Measure ROI on PPC

Search Engine Optimization | SEO Course

  • Introduction of Search Engine Optimization
  • Introduction of SEO Tools
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • SEO Competitive Analysis
  • Understanding Keyword Density
  • How Title and Meta Tags Are Important with Internal Links
  • How to Build SEO Link Structure
  • How to Structure a Website Search Engine Friendly
  • How It Affects If a Website Is designed by Flash, Frame, etc
  • Understanding PageRank and How to Improve It
  • XML Sitemap Creation


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