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PPC Management | PPC Approach | PPC Algorithm

The illustration bellows details the path that your prospects would take – from an initial search in Google to an ad that addresses their interest to the targeted landing page where they can take the steps necessary to become a customer.

PPC advertising is a 100% measurable media. You will have specific data and reporting that will detail how many time your ads appear and how many people clicked on your ad(s) and, more importantly, how many people converted to become customers if you are measuring sales or captured leads. This means that you will have immediate ROI information.

Here is a sample of how we approach and strategize for your PPC campaign when we create or manage it.

  • Research all the possible keywords that your prospects might use
  • Take advantage of the long tail keywords that are generating such significant traffic
  • Segment those keywords into common “themes”
  • Write text ads that relate specifically to those themes
  • Add negative keywords that will prevent irrelevant traffic
  • Provide detailed reporting on a monthly basis so we could see exactly what keywords or phrases are generating traffics as well as conversions
  • Ensure that Google displays your ads when one of your keywords or phrases is searched.
  • Optimize your bids based on conversions
  • Optimize landing pages for both better Quality Score and lower bounce rate
  • Geo-target your ads so they appear only in specific geographic locations

PPC Algorithm

Please note that the cost per click for your PPC campaign will be not only dependant on the number of competitors but also based on your CTR, the relevancy of your ads and landing pages.  We would like to say “PPC Algorithm of Google is very similar to SEO Algorithm such as “Quality Score“.

However, the Insights of PPC are completely pure marketing if comparing to SEO that has more technical issues. As a result, if you understand both Internet marketing and PPC algorithm, you will successfully manage the campaigns cost-effectively and efficiently.

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