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mozRank for Metrics Driven SEO | Pagerank vs mozRank (PR vs MR)

While PageRank (PR) is a patented trademark of Google, MozRank (MR) is provided by SEOmoz. I agree that Google’s toolbar PR does not always show the actual ranking of a page/site due to what you say anti-spam measures initiated by Google. On the other-hand MozRank is much more comprehensive. MozRank takes lots of factors into account including link popularity on major search engines, nofollow links, popularity on blogosphere, wikipedia links, traffic rank etc.

Unfortunately many search engine marketers have become obsessed with PageRank. They think that it is the perfect measuring tool for how a particular website is doing. They think that if your PageRank is low, then you are having problems. If it is high, then your site is doing great. Of course, PageRank doesn’t’ mean “how a page ranks”.

Remember that PageRank is not only one of many factors for search engines rankings but mozRank is also an important metric for predicting search engine rankings.
Written by Justin Jung, Managing Director of SEM Expertise

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