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How to Optimize Your Videos for Google Universal Search

Google Universal Video Optimization

Google’s Universal search combines various different search results on the same search result page which makes this algorithm tweak the most radical in Google’s history.

As a result of this algorithm change web owners can’t only rely on optimizing their links and web page content. It’s also important to optimize images, videos, press releases, blogs and local business listings in order to increase visibility on Google’s Universal search.

Key Factors for Video Optimization

These are the key factors for optimizing videos for Google Universal.

Video Submission

The first step in getting your videos optimized for Google Universal is submitting your videos to various video hosting providers such as YouTube and Metacafe. These websites are to videos what web directories are to websites.

When uploading your videos to a video hosting provider website, there are a few things to consider for Video Optimization such as;

Video File Name

Name your video files something relevant to the video. If your video is about a Industry Related Name a relevant name could be “industry-related-title.avi”

Video Title Name

When uploading your video, make sure that you give your content a relevant title name. The title of your file will help search engines identify and rank your content.

Using the Industry Example as an example your title could be “Video Title Example Similar to a title tag of a website”

Video Description

The description field is the perfect place for you to include a keyword-rich description about your content. If your video focus on certain style dress or designer this should be included in your description.


You have the option to make your video either private or public. If you would like to take advantage of Google Universal and the powers of viral marketing then you should make your video viewed publicly.


Some video hosting providers (such as YouTube) allow you to tag your videos meaning that you may assign keyword rich tags or labels making your video searchable by category. Make sure to tag your videos with keyword rich text related to your video when given the opportunity to do so.

Adding Videos to Your Website

After uploading your video content to the appropriate social media outlets it is also good practice to include videos on your site as well.

Views and Ratings

Having a high number of views and positive feedback on your videos by users is something Search Engines consider when ranking your video content. Try encouraging people to view and rate your videos. Significant interactions with users on social media sites will help your videos rank well on Google Universal.

Written by Justin Jung, SEO Expert

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