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Good SEO Experts are not easy to hire!

I have noticed that most of the people who are in the SEO services business usually are not the very best in knowing how to do it. Most of them are good in convincing you to buy something, and good to trick you.

Good SEO Experts are not easy to hire (of course, The truly good SEO experts are usually very expensive) and can you picture yourself calling Steve Fanous, (one of the best SEO Expert) and ask him to make a website for you? I don’t know if he would even talk to you and surely if you can convince him to make a site for you, he would charge a fortune to do it. So, the very best experts are not available for taking jobs.

The real SEO Experts do some consulting jobs and mostly work on their own website, that is what usually happens. I am not an exception to this rule, so, I am my best client. I do get websites in the first pages of Google for competitive niches all the time, so I can define myself more of an Internet Marketer than a SEO Consultant.

Why am I saying all this?? Because I would recommend you to be really careful of all the scams you can find in the SEO world, people claiming impossible things like miracle exchange links programs, and so many things around, you cannot even imagine. Good Luck!

posted by Justin Jung, SEO Expert

SEM Expertise, President and Founder, Justin Jung is one of the most knowledgeable and experience search engine marketing & optimization (SEM SEO) experts, Internet entrepreneurs and consultants around and he has been in the game since 2001. He realized that any business can benefit from the Internet and finally decided that the Internet marketing was the right business for him. Now he owns several sites and makes a good living with. He lives in Toronto, where he takes care of his clients, as a SEO/SEM expert. Most of his sites are currently in the first pages of Google. Lately he got involved in promoting one of his sites and social media sites because he consider web 2.0 the future.

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