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How to Choose the Right Canadian SEO Company or SEO Agency

Many Canadian digital media agencies and web design companies offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services but few actually specialize in true SEO. I have noticed that most of the people and companies who are in the SEO services business usually are not the very best in knowing how to do it. Most of them are good in convincing you to buy something, and good to trick you. Please note that there are many Canadian SEO companies who only employ salespeople, entry level SEO technicians or great SEO talkers without hands-on SEO experience because they are cheap and easy to hire.

The first way to find out if you have found the right SEO company is to see if you can find that company in any of the major search engines for important keywords. For example, when looking for an SEO agency in Toronto, check out their website first through googling. Does this SEO agency get their own website to rank high for important keywords in search engines among other SEO agencies? How are they planning to get your website on top if they can’t get themselves on top in search engines? SEO agencies should be able to use their own website as an example of their SEO ability. Would you pay a carpenter do your cabinets if his own cabinets are falling apart?

Experienced SEO companies are likely to have more knowledge about search engines than companies with less experience. Find out about how many websites the SEO company has been working for. A good way to find out an SEO company’s abilities is to look at their portfolio. Search Engine Optimization portfolios will provide you with a list of websites which they have designed and optimized. You can find out how well those websites rank for keywords in the search engines on your own. Or you can ask for examples of websites they have done SEO work for and where those sites rank for their important keywords.

In addition, some people who can understand about the concept of PageRank have become obsessed with PR. They think that it is the perfect SEO measuring tool for how a particular website is doing. Don’t care too much about Google PR. It doesn’t mean that you’ll get better search engine rankings and it doesn’t mean that you’ll get more visitors. Click here for more information about PageRank.

Written by Justin Jung, Managing Director of SEM Expertise

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