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How to Optimize Your Videos for Google Universal Search

Google Universal Video Optimization
Google’s Universal search combines various different search results on the same search result page which makes this algorithm tweak the most radical in Google’s history.
As a result of this algorithm change web owners can’t only rely on optimizing their links and web page content. It’s also important to optimize images, videos, press releases, blogs and local business listings in order to increase visibility on Google’s Universal search.

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Google Social Search

Google have launched a beta version of their personalized search platform Social Search that make search more personal with relevant web content from your friends and online contacts. When signed into a Google account a search using the new platform will pull in content from members in your social circle. An element on the interface also allows you to the see connections and reasons behind the search results presented. Watch the following Google Social Search video to learn more:

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SEM Expertise launches Social Media Agency

With the arrival of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and online blogs and forums, optimizing your Social Media campaign efforts is more important than ever if you want to effectively promote your products and services, while increasing the conversational capital of your brand on the Internet.
That’s where Social Media Agency comes in! Social Media Agency (subsidiary of SEM Expertise Inc.) is the Original® Social Media Agency that develops, implements and manages both social media optimization and social media marketing campaigns.

The goal behind Social Media Agency’s social media marketing / optimization …

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Official SEM Expertise Facebook and Twitter Page

We recently made it to Facebook! We welcome you to visit our official SEM Expertise Facebook page and hope you’ll “Become a Fan” if you’re a Facebook member.
Let us know if you find it useful! What else should we add to our Facebook page?
We also welcome you to visit our official SEM Expertise Twitter page and hope you’ll “follow us on Twitter”.

Posted by Justin Jung, Managing Director of SEM Expertise, Inc.

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Bebo Launches Social Inbox

NEW YORK, Dec 10, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — –Social Media Network Opens Its Doors to Aggregated Social Feeds, Mail and Media Recommendations
–Launch Companies Include Twitter, Flickr, Del.icio.us, AIM, YouTube, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and AOL Mail
–Every AOL and AIM User Now Can Now Log into Bebo Using Their Credentials
Bebo today made it easier for Internet users to manage their online life by providing users with a one-stop “Social Inbox” that combines e-mail, social networking and media recommendations …

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