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Why Long Tail Keyword Phrases Are Important

Most Internet marketers know the top 5–10 keyword phrases that account for the significant traffic reaching their site. They often are unaware, however, of the keyword phrases that comprise the “long tail” of their search traffic. This group of long tail keyword phrases is more specific and focused and is queried far less than the top 10 keyword phrases. This secondary keyword phrase set could generate as much (or more) revenue for a business than the top keyword phrases if marketers understand how customers convert on the website. Any successful …

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mozRank for Metrics Driven SEO | Pagerank vs mozRank (PR vs MR)

While PageRank (PR) is a patented trademark of Google, MozRank (MR) is provided by SEOmoz. I agree that Google’s toolbar PR does not always show the actual ranking of a page/site due to what you say anti-spam measures initiated by Google. On the other-hand MozRank is much more comprehensive. MozRank takes lots of factors into account including link popularity on major search engines, nofollow links, popularity on blogosphere, wikipedia links, traffic rank etc.
Unfortunately many search engine marketers have become obsessed with PageRank. They think that it is the perfect measuring …

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Does Google PageRank Really Matter?

Basically, PageRank is a system of measuring your website’s popularity. This is measured by looking at how many other websites link to yours. It is not necessarily the number that is important, but the quality of the inbound links. However, according to Google, “important pages mean nothing to you if they don’t match your query. So, Google combines PageRank with sophisticated text-matching techniques to find pages that are both important and relevant to your search.”
What does this mean? Well, it means that PageRank is only one of many factors that …

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Why many big companies still don’t optimize their websites

Why many big companies still don’t optimize their websites???
This happens because most of those sites are either not at all optimized or are not properly optimized for search engines. And one of the biggest reasons for a poorly optimized site is that many big companies believe that their brand names are strong enough for online and search engines.

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I think people need to know what is true and what is incorrect or unproven regarding top 40 Canadian online marketers selected by Click Weekly. That’s why I post the following article wrriten by Steven Fanous, who I truly believe he is one of top 10 Canadian online marketers and he owns several sites in the first pages of Google for many competitive terms and makes a good living with online marketing.
On the following link you can find the original article.
Click! Weekly, What a Joke – Top 40 Canadian Online …

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