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Backlinks Strategy | High PR Profile Backlinks

Acquiring as many backlinks as possible is one of the most important search engine optimization factors. Of course, some backlinks will help your site improve in ranking more than others.
The first factor of backlinks is very simple. The amount of backlinks, the more & the higher the number of backlinks pointing to your site or to your page, the better it will ranked. Especially Google is the one that pays most attention to this factor (well maybe other search engines also pay attention to the amount of backlinks you get). …

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How to Choose the Right Canadian SEO Company or SEO Agency

Many Canadian digital media agencies and web design companies offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services but few actually specialize in true SEO. I have noticed that most of the people and companies who are in the SEO services business usually are not the very best in knowing how to do it. Most of them are good in convincing you to buy something, and good to trick you. Please note that there are many Canadian SEO companies who only employ salespeople, entry level SEO technicians or great SEO talkers without hands-on …

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How to Optimize Your Videos for Google Universal Search

Google Universal Video Optimization
Google’s Universal search combines various different search results on the same search result page which makes this algorithm tweak the most radical in Google’s history.
As a result of this algorithm change web owners can’t only rely on optimizing their links and web page content. It’s also important to optimize images, videos, press releases, blogs and local business listings in order to increase visibility on Google’s Universal search.

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Google Social Search

Google have launched a beta version of their personalized search platform Social Search that make search more personal with relevant web content from your friends and online contacts. When signed into a Google account a search using the new platform will pull in content from members in your social circle. An element on the interface also allows you to the see connections and reasons behind the search results presented. Watch the following Google Social Search video to learn more:

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Google sees the Future of Ogranic Search

In talk at Le Web conference in Paris, Google executive Marissa Mayer gave some answers about the way Google sees the future of organic search. But does their logic extend to other areas of organic search and what are the implications for SEO?
Google recently launched SearchWiki , its customizable search function. Since then there has been plenty of speculation that Google have long term plans to use this information to influence organic results. Google previously admitted to Search Engine Land that they were “not closing any doors” to the idea …

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Promote Your Local Business | Local Search Optimization Services

Now is the time to get your business listed on Google Local Search, Google Map as well as Local Search Canada if your business doesn’t show up on local search results when your potential customers search for your business names, products, services, etc.
Take advantage of the growing numbers of people using local search to find businesses, services and products of all kind. Millions of people search local businesses and use Google Maps everyday. A listing on Google Local and Local Search Canada …

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The SEO Bubble is Expanding

While the world is experiencing an economic financial crisis, the SEO industry is experiencing a surprising increase in demand. From intensive training and SEO consultation to actual website changes and link building, the demand for expert SEO assistance is growing at an astonishing rate.
For those individuals or firms that are looking to grow and add new business, Michael Martinez has solid advice on how to position the SEO space to customers looking to maximize their marketing dollars.  Michael says:
“Recession marketing for search optimization needs to sell …

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