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How to See Google Results (Adwords Ads & Organic Results) in Different Countries

How to See Google Results (Adwords Ads & Organic Results) in Different Countries from Your Location.

Sometimes, when you are advertising in Google Adwords to a specific country for example USA and you are from UK you will not be able to see AD’s from US but just from UK. That is a major concern for many adwords advertisers. When you are geo-targeting a country that you are not resident you should check for the competitors and see where your ad is placed or what your competitors are doing. There is …

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Understanding Google AdWords Ad Rank, Quality Score, CPC & CTR

Ads are positioned on search and content pages based on their Ad Rank. The ad with the highest Ad Rank can improve your ad’s position and reduce your actual CPC (Cost per Click).
Ad Rank = CPC Bid x Quality Score
CPC Bid is the Maximum Cost-per-click (Max. CPC) you are willing to pay for a single click when your keyword triggers your ad.
Quality Score for Google and the search network is a dynamic metric assigned to each of your keywords. The Quality Score for Ad Rank on Google and the search …

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Why NOT to let Google manage your PPC campaign!

SEM Expert’s vs. Google’s PPC Management: Increasing the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns!

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DoubleClick Ad Exchange – Growing the display ad pie

Three principles underpin Google approach to the display ad field:
1. Simplify the system for buying and selling display ads: For example, our DoubleClick ad serving products help advertisers and publishers manage campaigns and ad formats across thousands of websites and from thousands of advertisers.
2. Deliver better performance that advertisers and agencies can measure: We’re building a host of new features to help advertisers to run display ad campaigns across the Google Content Network (comprising hundreds of thousands of AdSense partner sites) and on YouTube. We’re also developing better measurement and …

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Predicting to See the Largest Growth due to a Recession is Search Engine Marketing

When the economy goes down, companies and marketers try to cut down their budget and need to be careful with it.  As advertising and marketing budgets shrink or evaporate due to the economic crisis, many companies are going to be more cautious then ever when it comes to spending money on advertising and marketing.  In a recession, companies are going to be forced to think differently about how to spend advertising dollars. Companies will be less willing to spend their limited marketing dollars on unproved marketing channel and will be …

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Is the Visual Preview Function Transforming the Search Engine Industry?

A recently launched search engine holds out the promise of revolutionizing pay-per-click advertising through a unique “visual preview” feature. However some industry analysts are skeptical about its potential impact.
A new search engine – recently released in beta format – will provide stiff competition to top dogs such as Google and Yahoo, its creators suggest.
MelZoo.com transforms the look of the typical search page to appeal to pay-per-click advertisers.
Its new search engine has a unique interface that lists search results on the left side of the page, and displays previews of …

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Maximizing Your PPC Advertising

It may sound like a cliché, but Internet marketing has taken over the advertising world like bees are attracted to honey. Every business has realized that in the absence of Internet marketing, it is like groping in the dark. Almost every business is going for pay per click (PPC) services. There are various companies offering PPC services but you need to choose the one that can benefit you the most.
The most suitable PPC services ensure that your cost per click is minimized, click through rate (CTR) is increased with appreciable …

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